£50k by Christmas Day

£50k by Christmas Day



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THE FOODBANK CHALLENGE: 50k by Christmas Day

It is deeply saddening that we have people in our very own communities who are suffering from severe poverty, and are put in a position to decide between fuel or food. Newcastle West End Food Bank supports 1,000 people per week of which 45% are children under 16 and at this time of the year it stuggles to meet demand.

We live in one of the wealthiest and prosperous countries in the world, with one of the strongest economies, yet it is heartbreaking to witness that growing number of people are resorting to foodbanks in our localities.

If you believe in Christmas or not, Christmas is celebrated by many in different ways, whether using the period to celebrate or just spend time with family & friends.

There will be many who are contemplating what presents to buy their loved ones for Christmas, but sadly there are those who will be deciding whether to pay for fuel or buy food during the Christmas period, never mind buying presents.

The Newcastle West End Foodbank struggle throughout the year to help the most vulnerable. This Christmas, do something amazing, by donating and asking others to donate at least a pound.


• Approach family, friends, neighbours, acquaintances or colleagues to donate a minimum of £1 per person.

• Do a good deed by helping someone in the community, or any random person, and ask for a donation of at least £1.

• All NUFC fans, who will be watching Newcastle United play Everton at home on Monday 13th December, donate £1 per fan.

• Bucket at School gates and ask for a donation of at least £1.

• Community fundraiser and ask for a donation of at least £1 per person.

• Fancy dress at school or at work place and ask for a donation for at least £1 per person.

• Fasting for a day, between sunrise and sunset, and donate at least £1 of your lunch money.

• Game console tournament, each contestant pays at least £1 to participate.

• 5k run, Saturday 16th December (TBC).

• Swim, cycle or row, set your set a target, and donate at least £1 once completed.

• Or why not make your own challenge.

Reward: Putting food on the table of the most vulnerable in our community.

In conjunction with: NUFC Fans Food Bank

Supported by: Fluid Print

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