£100k by Christmas Day Foodbank Challenge

£100k by Christmas Day Foodbank Challenge



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Newcastle West End Foodbank is one of the largest foodbanks in the UK supporting people in and around Newcastle, and in the last year giving out over 42,000 three-day emergency food packs. The foodbank is there for people in a crisis and rely on the support of our local community for food donations, volunteering and running costs.

Last year the foodbank distributed circa 160 tonnes of food, with a cash value of approximately £206K. This involved sourcing food from other parts of the country as local donationations alone didn’t meet demand. In addition the foodbank supplied approximately 5250 hot meals at the Lillia centre over the year for people in need. The other support on offer to people to help them become self reliant are advice on debt management, housing, benefit and employment advice.

The summer period is almost ending but unfortunately the challenges do not end for Newcastle West End Foodbank, with winter coming soon, the most vulnerable will also be struggling with fuel payments, let alone thinking about buying presents for loved ones during the festive season.

Last year, with 30 minutes to spare, we were able to hit our ‘£50K by Christmas Day’ Challenge, and managed to do this within six weeks of launching the campaign. This year, launching on September 1st, our aim is £100k, re-double our efforts in tackling poverty in our city and re-doubling our efforts to keep the foodbank open. It’s a continuous struggle for the foodbank all year and this campaign can take pressure off the foodbank and help turn peoples lives around.

Toon Aid, in partnership with NUFC Fans Foodbank and inviting all people, individuals, businesses, schools and organisations to come together to meet this goal.

We believe we can achieve this, as the generosity of people of Newcastle is something we are proud of and recognised by many throughout the country.

This Christmas, do something amazing, donate, fundraise or setup your own event to support the campaign.

Look out for updates on events and fundraisers on Twitter and Facebook : @Toonaid1 , @NUFCFoodBank
Email: monju3582@gmail.com